As part of electrical installations, connectors are in daily use across all industries. With MIL-Kabel-Systems as a reliable partner, you can expect solutions that meet the most complex requirements.

The rapidly advancing digital transformation is clearly noticeable in all areas of life, both in the private sphere and in the business world. We use technical solutions such as smartphones and tablets as a matter of course, and the World Wide Web is always just a few clicks away. As a prerequisite for electrical and electronic connections, a Connector thereby a essential component a variety of devices, systems and applications. With this in mind, you will learn more about the function and structure of a connector on this page before the most common areas of application in various industries are presented.

Function and structure of a plug connection



In view of digitalization, with advancing technical development, connectors continue to be important elements of technical applications and a basic prerequisite for successful networking. Connectors are the following electromechanical components, which is called Coupling devices Connect conductors with each other to create closed circuits. By connecting cables, wires, printed circuit boards and many other components, connectors thus enable the Energy, data or signal transmission between electrical components.

For this purpose, connectors usually consist of two parts, with the metallic pins of the connector fitting exactly into the hollow contacts of the coupling - or socket. In this way, a plug-in connection can be used to establish contact with the corresponding mating side at a defined interface and to disconnect it again just as easily. For a Optimal functionality of technical systems or installations, the connectors used must be following properties show

High conductivity

Protection from environmental factors

Mechanical stability

First of all, the components have thanks to High conductivity have a low contact resistance to ensure an ideal connection of the contact points. In addition, however, connectors also offer Protection from environmental influencessuch as temperature fluctuations or humidity, and stand out thanks to their mechanical stability are characterized by a long service life. Thanks to these properties, connectors meet a wide range of requirements and can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Cross-industry use of connectors

The networking of the world is considered a cross-societal megatrend of our time, with electricity and information conducting connections forming the basis for this. In almost all industries connectors are used to form functioning networks in the midst of devices with an increasing number of interfaces.

So you can find Connectors of various sizes and designs for example, in traffic engineering, the IT sector, mechanical and plant engineering, plastics processing or even the food industry.

Connectors suitable for your purpose with MIL-Kabel-Systems

Connectors must be manufactured in many variations to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications. Since over 25 years we at MIL-Kabel-Systems are your reliable partner for individual plug connectionswhich we manufacture in small batches for industries such as aerospace, defense or medical technology. As we carry out the entire manufacturing process ourselves and are therefore not dependent on external parties, we can respond quickly to requests and carry out projects effectively, no matter how special or complex they may be.

As a cable assembler, we manufacture a wide variety of connectors according to your requirements. Contact us without obligation and let our qualified employees advise you.