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Discover the comprehensive range of shrink products from MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS, which includes numerous designs of shrink tubing as well as shrink molded parts - we are the right contact especially when it comes to customized solutions for small series or the high-tech sector.

Shrink products are specially developed plastic sleeves, which shrink uniformly when heated and thus provide a tight, reliable seal and insulation for cable joints, connectors and conductor ends. As this ensures reliable protection of electrical systems against environmental influences, as well as mechanical impact and possible short circuits, Schumpf products also extend service life and lead to improved performance.

As a leading manufacturer of cable systems with more than 20 years of experience and extensive expertise in cable assembly, we at MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS the right contact person, when it comes to shrink products.

With us you will find high quality Shrink tubing as well as shrink molded partsthat meet the most demanding applications, using our technical expertise to help you select suitable products.

Heat shrinkable tubing - Flexible and efficient cable protection for every application

For many years, heat shrinkable tubing has been a simple and quick solution for insulating bundled, live cable harnesses and protecting them from mechanical and environmental influences. Our heat shrinkable tubing is made of various plastics and is available in different versions available. They offer protection against wear, short circuits, environmental influences and chemical substances. This versatility allows them to be used in various industries, such as the automotive industry, the military or private households.

With us you get Highest quality and short processing timesbecause we take care of all steps from production to distribution ourselves. Feel free to contact us for individual consultation and find the right product for your specific requirements.

Learn more about our versatile Shrink tubing product rangewhich is used in a wide variety of industries and in the military sector.

Shrink molded parts - Reliable protection for your cable connections

Shrink molded parts are indispensable in electrical engineering and offer a simple, efficient solution for insulating electrical cables and connectors. They protect them from mechanical influences and environmental conditions. Made of cross-linked polyolefin, they are characterized by high chemical resistance, flexibility and durability. Application areas of shrink molded parts include the automotive industry, aerospace industry, telecommunications and energy supply. At MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS, customers benefit not only from first-class products, but also from comprehensive advice. The team of experts develops customized solutions and provides Stocks available at short notice available.

Rely on the expertise, quality and customer-focused service of MIL Cable Systems to protect your investment for the long term and keep your systems running smoothly. Discover the wide Product portfolio of shrink molded parts for various industries and the military sector.

The experienced team of MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS will be pleased to advise you on the selection of suitable shrink products

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS is your trustworthy partner for High quality shrink mold parts and cable protection solutions. Our years of experience, extensive expertise and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner for your cable protection needs.

All steps of the manufacturing process - from conception and production to logistics - are carried out by a single source. For this reason, our customers, who are active in a wide range of industrial and military sectors, benefit from fast delivery times. Since we have many Products from renowned manufacturers from stock are available, we can also process orders at short notice quickly and provide solutions according to your requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our off-the-shelf shrink molded parts or even our customized products to make the Optimal solution for your application areas to find.