Special cores according to customer requirements

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Single wire according to customer requirements

Application area
When using standard cables, space problems can arise in tight installation conditions. If the strand cross-section can then be adapted to the current load, cross-sections outside of standards often result. For this purpose, we manufacture special strand constructions.

Possible strand constructions
-Copper bright
-uninsulated strands
-copper tin plated
-copper silver plated
-copper nickel plated
-copper alloy silver plated
-copper alloy nickel plated
-Sta-Cu strands
-round strands, highly flexible
-short-circuit and ground-fault-proof single core (1.8/3kV)

Possible isolations
-PVC, also soft PVC
-Temperature resistant PVC
-polyethylene, -crosslinked; -foamed
-polyvinylidenefluride (PVDF)
-polyolefin (crosslinked)
-Elastomer (cross-linked)
-Silicone notch resistant

Rated voltage / operating voltage
-short-circuit and ground-fault-proof single core (1.8/3kV)

Note that multi-core cables can be made from these single elements, according to your specifications.
This is only an excerpt of the possibilities to manufacture individual insulations. A complete listing would go beyond the scope.