MSFT-19A/B - branch with 45 or 90° with small outlet

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MSFT-19A / VG95343T19A

MSFT-19B / VG95343T19B

Branch 45 or 90° with small outlet

Application area
As a molded part in cable harnesses with 45° or 90° branch.

Sturdy shrink molded part with various cable outlets. Delivery condition almost straight shape for better installation of the wiring harness.
Temperature range -75° to +150°C, shrink temperature >125°C, self-extinguishing, chemically and mechanically extremely resistant. Color: black.

VG admitted.

Details on sizes and designs can be found in the data sheet
For optimum moisture and kink protection, we recommend you use the two-component Adhesive MK25 or the heat shrink tubing MN25VG.
We would be pleased to manufacture cables or cable harnesses according to your specifications, even in small quantities, fully assembled, including documentation.
We are also happy to process these heat shrinkable tubings in cable harnesses, ready-made incl. documentation.